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A Personal Note

To my dearest family members and friends in Singapore and all over the world,

I would like to begin by saying my sincere apologies for taking so long to write. I know many of you are thinking of us or some have already forgotten us – in any case, this English version website will hopefully present a lighter part of our trip. (I have to keep my sense of humor and cynicism at times during this trip.) If any of you is expecting full English version of what Franck wrote in the French website, until the day I have graduated from a proper French College, I am not going to attempt to translate for him. Sorry! At any rate, we are so different in our opinion about how to run things in our boat and household; I mean “boathold” matters we can be describing the same event with entirely different opinion. For example, I like to say “left-right-front-back” he likes “port-starboard-front-aft”. He likes to speak boat words. I just say front sail, back sail, mainsail, colorful rainbow sail, and you know the plastic transparent thingy that is hanging in front should I remove or not? The rope on the left or right. And I was losing my patience with the tacking back and forth when we sailed from Maldives to Chagos, but he thinks it is ok and refuses to turn on the engine. We were going no where for days and nights! Meanwhile the whole lot of boats that left around the same time as us has arrived in 3-4 days. It took us 7 days!

So there you go, a French fanatic sailor with the first Singapore Asian non-sailing mother, bringing up two young toddlers on board Constante Singapore. If you like to read about how I survive this whole cruise-keep going. If you like to know how much fun and tears I have shed you are on the right page. We are entering our 9th month sailing as a family and have so far our angels and lucky stars to thank. We have weathered rainbow colorful days and stormy thundering gloomy seas; dolphins swimming alongside our boat during the ocean crossings, fresh fish to eat and new friends at every port of call. With all that fun as you read, we still miss deeply our families and friends. As parents, we miss our parents-our emotions go up and down everyday like the waves at sea. In a few sections and paragraphs, I will try my best to convey my travels and adventures to all of you. Enjoy reading!

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